About WokeUp

WokeUp was born in the aftermath of the divisive 2016 US Presidential election. This vicious election cycle revealed the frayed social fabric of American democracy. To overcome our deep polarization, a group of longtime activists made a few simple hypotheses:

Social media can be a tool to effect meaningful action.

Volunteer time is as valuable a resource as donor dollars.

Protests and resistance are losing their effectiveness.

The American renaissance will begin at the community level, not in Washington.

When the right people get connected, change happens.

WokeUp is an elegant experiment to test these assumptions.

Our organization is building an online infrastructure so you can easily organize with fellow members around civic action in your community. We provide a repository of resources, and an archive of past actions, so activists can learn lessons and best practices from their predecessors.

WokeUp is empowering and fun. As you become more engaged in your community, you will develop meaningful connections and discover the power you’ve always had inside. The more you do, the better things get, and this in turn motivates you to do even more.

A positive feedback loop.

A virtuous cycle.

We all want to change the world, but we can’t do it alone. Welcome to Activism 2.0. Welcome to WokeUp!